Hybrid Burning Mechanism

Buyback Burning

  • 3.5% deposit fee will be charged at staking.
  • 70% of the deposit fee will be used to buyback and burn COMOS.
  • 30% of the deposit fee will be used as a dev & emergency fund.
  • When Total Value Locked reaches 500K TVL, we will Buyback and Burn every time TVL increases by 200K.

Transfer Tax Burning Mechanism

  • Every transaction (send, swap, farming, etc.) of COMOS will be charged a 1% transfer tax.
  • 1% transfer tax will be burned in every transaction.
  • Use 1,5%+ slippage to buy COMOS on PancakeSwap or other AMM.
  • The transaction will fail if the slippage is less than 1%
Last modified 9mo ago